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Issue #163

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Want to Do Something Positive?

Holding a naturalistic (no supernatural) worldview means that Brights generally consider this one life to be all there is (no afterlife). Thus, it’s no surprise that most of us want to make each year that we are alive have value.

Beyond saying “Happy New Year!” and hoping for the best in 2017, how do you make your mark for the year as a Bright?

What about starting off the new year by personally helping naturalistic explanations make better sense to others! You'd be rendering a real and lasting service. Simply look to the two projects featured on the home page of The Brights as great ways to get going on that goal. 

And if each Bright did the same?  Well, that would make a difference in the world, indeed.


ONE Action Multiplies Benefit

The Earth and Life: changes over time dissemination project is a unique undertaking, and it is happens only through The Brights’ Network with its constituency of individual Brights.

Acting as a Bright, you make your personal mark on the future when you start the year with this singular action: Sponsor ONE evolution poster.  It takes only a few minutes and $60 to accomplish.

You’ll be taking an action for which one person (a science teacher) will be very appreciative, knowing how much visual impact the 5.5 foot wide image carries (in both detail on significant interactions and "the big picture." But, more importantly, because of you, the students (future citizens) will have opportunity to truly understand how life on earth has come about – naturally

With your action comes confidence that you are making a decisive difference. (Our prior survey of teachers reveals that one classroom poster is used to constructively impact the thinking of - on average - 490 students within the next 5 years. Some teachers have as many as 150 students a day, so the impact over time is far greater.) 

Not only will you initiate the year positively and please a teacher with your sponsorship as a Bright, but your tax deductible contribution will likely personally influence the thinking of several hundred future citizens across the next several years. So, sponsor a Poster!



Has your social network expanded since you let your friends and followers know the reality of “how human morality has come to be”?  If so, then perhaps it’s time to re-engage your activism regarding the topic.

When the infographic was first published, the UK Brights suggested a number of varied approaches for alerting acquaintances to the infographic's information:

• Looking for a natural explanation for the existence of morality? Look no further.

• You thought morality was exclusive to humans? Well you were wrong, and this explains why.

• If you think morality is exclusive to humans you are wrong and this infographic explains why.

• Are morality and evolution related? Yes, and this infographic explains how • See how leading scientists and thinkers have contributed to an explanation of how morality and evolution are linked.

• Is religion a prerequisite for morality? No, and this explains why not.

• Being slighted as people imply that religion-free can't be moral? This shows them to be wrong.

Keep getting out the word on the Brights’ explanatory infographic. Choose one that suits you, or invent your own. But, as an activist Bright, it’s important that “reality about morality” be available to others in your social networks! (Remember that the infographic and its associated explanatory material is available in 15 languages!)


Sincere Apologies

Unfortunately, constructive action on assembling this bulletin was curtailed on January 3 due to the changed health and living situation of Brights’ Net co-founder and former executive director, Paul Geisert, with the ensuing and consequential impact on current activities taking place at Brights Central.

Early January involved both Paul’s permanent transfer to residential care as well as a subsequent ambulance trip to emergency, and so at that time Mynga redirected her efforts toward her personal situation, leaving other BC staff to continue with their activities as usual. With monthly bulletin assembly and coordination within her purview, she decided on recommencing in February after stabilizing Paul's care.  

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