Additional "GBY" Response Examples

More of the diversity, but less alignment with sought-after "constructive response" criteria.

Examples of the verbal part of numerous rejoinders follow below, absent their nonverbal aspects (unknown).  Some contributors just generally reject the offered blessing. Others acknowledge a god in their reply (reinforcing the deity concept?). Some make one's faith status an issue. A few would go so far as to berate the person.

  • I'm not concerned with that.
  • I don't think so.
  • No thanks. I have a naturalistic worldview.
  • Peace and prosperity without god, I’d say.
  • I'll pass, thanks.
  • Thank you. And which god would that be? (just kidding)
  • Thank you, but I am an atheist.
  • Thanks, but sorry, I don´t believe in any gods; I´m a bright.
  • Thank you for your sentiment, but please, let's leave god out of it.
  • Let’s praise not needing a god to be healthy.
  • A rather outdated statement, don't you think?
  • Thanks, but why bring in your god for such a minor thing?
  • Why would such an entity make me sneeze then bless me?
  • If I were a Buddhist, would you be so kind to say "Buddha bless you"? (Allah for Muslims? Darwin for evolutionists? Shermer for skeptics?)
  • Thanks, but I'm a godless harlot.

Comments on the "GBY" Subject

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