Special Initiative Groups #4

Heritage/Community Identity

(Brights Action HCI )

Constituents who register into SIG-4 are understanding of the concept that brights may wish to engage in customary gatherings and activities and maintain or develop affable relations with those supers who share their cultural or religious heritage and/or communities.

Many Brights recognize that holding a supernatural-free worldview - while also having affinity for a cultural and/or religious heritage or community - is possible and, in fact, is the reality for many people. Brights who acknowledge the two attributes (personal worldview and societal associations) as distinct (but nontheless meaningful for many persons) are invited to form a self-designated portion of the Brights' constituency.

Anyone registered as a Bright may belong to this SIG in order to personally endorse the following concept:

Holding a naturalistic worldview does not proscribe individuals from acknowledging and affirming their cultural and/or religious heritage or community, wherein they may favor educating their children about that heritage and/or participating in that community.”

Advantages of a Brights Action SIG of This Type

Underpinning the Brights Action Heritage/Community SIG is the aim of uniting supers and brights for civic action, bridging gaps in order to advance the civic status of persons who have a naturalistic worldview.

When SIG-4's membership reaches a size of note, the individuals within it will be provided opportunities to consider some actions well attuned to this reality - actions useful in furthering the overall movement.

Over time, with sufficient interest, some Brights Action SIG-4 subgroups may be established to raise awareness of the Brights movement in certain contexts. These subgroups will enable Brights to act in concert, based on a kinship with a certain cultural or religious heritage and/or connection to a community. The subgroup members will themselves fit the twofold description (worldview is naturalistic, yet the heritage or community identity is germane).

Activists in a subgroup will readily characterize themselves as supernatural-free individuals and make known their participation in the Brights movement, relaying its civic justice aims, and working harmoniously with others to advance these aims. They will act - individually or collectively - to foster mutual harmony between brights and supers in a defined circumstance.

Note: Registration into a subgroup automatically registers one into the main SIG-4 as well. A Bright should choose either the generic or the subgroup of interest.

Current SIG-4 Membership Options:

SIG-4 (Generic) Membership

A registrant into the Brights Action SIG-4 (generic) is backing the endeavor in name only (no dues or donations are required). You must already be registered as a Bright to belong to any SIG-4 group.

If you are not interested in SIG-4, please be aware that the group will not be representing the Brights’ Net constituency (that includes you). The members of any SIG group represent only the specific registered membership of that SIG.

Subscribe to SIG-4 to be a part of the Brights Action-Heritage/Community Initiative.

SIG-4 (Subgroup) Membership

Persons who register into a subgroup are those who hold affinity with a certain cultural or religious heritage and/or are sustaining involvement inside a community generally recognized as religious.

Actions of SIG 4 subgroups are carried out under the varied heritage/community identities, and under volunteer leaders. Subgroups form only as leaders step forward. Currently, there is one SIG4 subgroup available. It is for Jewish Brights. Others groupings are possibilities (such as SIG-4BB Buddhist Brights, SIG-4PCB Protestant Christian Brights, etc.), but await committed leadership.

SIG-4JB Leadership

For Jewish Brights

If you wish to join SIG-4JB (Jewish Brights), you will be automatically added to the blanket SIG-4 group. The initial engagement will involve cooperation with the International Federation for Secular & Humanistic Judaism, in which Jewish Brights are invited to explore the Federation and IFSHJ members to discover The Brights’ Net.

Subscribe to SIG-4JB to be a part of the Brights Action-Heritage/Community Initiative.

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