Special Initiative Group #2

Categorically Sound Science

(Brights Action CSS)

This Brights Action SIG is set up expressly to enable a self-designated portion of the Brights constituency to take up a forceful stance with regard to scientific enterprise and science education, summarized in the following assertion:

“I consider as valid science knowledge or authentic scientific endeavor only that which is regarded as such by the scientific community, and I oppose efforts to diminish or undermine the integrity of scientific enterprise or science education.

Any Bright who signs into this group is agreeing with and endorsing the preceding statement.

Advantages of a SIG Standing Firm for Authentic Science and Science Education

With knowledge that an individual has endorsed the above statement, Brights Central is able to count the person in its cadre of Brights who have vouched for a strong secular position of “science being defined by scientists, not by nonscientists.”

Each SIG member is standing against actions that undercut the veracity and practice of science and science education as defined by scientists themselves. Their opposition disregards whether such actions grow out of religious motivatations or are coming from actors who simply lack understanding of the discipline or are mis-informed about it.

As time goes on, Brights Central can utilize the pool of SIG-2 members in multiple ways: 1) to assist in exploring a circumstance, 2) as a resource when developing a press statement and/or a proposed plan of action that is consistent with the above statement, and 3) as a firm count of endorsers that is anchored in the generic position statement above (e.g., “This is the view of 18,291 Brights”). By cutting the development time of any such position statement or action, more can be accomplished expeditiously.

SIG Membership: Any Bright

SIG Leadership: Brights Central

Brights from anywhere in the world can alert The Brights’ Net with “early notice” of a developing or troubling situation of potentially broad impact. Whenever time is available, BC will contact a slice of the SIG membership to obtain the counsel/feedback advantageous to shaping an action proposal or wording a position statement. If resources permit, Brights Central can formulate and disseminate a position statement on behalf of the (N) membership. There are other ways that the SIG can function to fortify ways by which persons who have a naturalistic outlook can safeguard science education.

Previous Brights Actions (Examples Relevant to This SIG)

  • Press release endorsed by over 6,000 Brights opposing teaching of intelligent design as an alternative to evolution in Kitzmiller et al. v. Dover , Pennsylvania Area School District , et al. [Case No. 04cv2688]
  • Hundreds of letters to Smithsonian Institution regarding its hospitality to Discovery Institute’s showing of a film promoting intelligent design
  • Prompting residents of the state of Florida to consider proposed changes in the Florida state curriculum’s science standards

You must already be registered as a Bright to belong to this (or any other) Brights Action SIG.

If you are not interested in SIG-2, please be aware that the group will not be representing the Brights’ Net constituency (that includes you). The members of any SIG group represent only the specific registered membership of that SIG.

Subscribe to SIG 2 to be counted in a cadre of Brights standing strong for sound science.

Brights Central will take notice of actions of governmental or religious entities that attempt to subvert accepted science and/or authentic science education. As resources permit and circumstances demand, BC can take action in specific reply to matters as they arise.

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