On Speaking Out as Brights

The Brights’ Net is also:
an organized endeavor with distinct aims

Those who hear of the movement and register into the constituency as Brights show themselves by their registration to be advocates of social change for the better.

These Brights signify their hope that growing a large representative constituency of persons whose overall perspective of the world (“life understanding”) involves no supernatural will be a benefit to all persons who hold such a worldview, and humanity in general.

Certainly, social change is sorely needed. Aspects of a naturalistic worldview are at variance with the “predominant societal understanding” in so many places. Individuals who are open about those differences all too often find their civic standing undermined. In most societies, there is diminished social acceptance and civic position for such persons. In some places, the person is ostracized or even imperiled.

About this circumstance, Brights must speak in a strong unified voice. But, if Brights themselves are so different, how can they speak with any unity? The existence of an Internet constituency of “the Brights” serves many persons to more suitably acknowledge their perspectives and situations and to communicate their comprehensive worldview to fellow citizens in a constructive and generally pleasant way.

Brights in the movement anticipate that more and more persons who currently label themselves by more limiting labels will see value to their “naturalistic worldview” as a positive unifying factor. They envision that coming together to form a constituency around this factor alone will thereby encourage others with similar outlook. Over time, they foresee a constituency of size sufficient to bolster the presence and social acceptance of their supernatural-free worldview within society.

Activist Brights wish to pursue actions supportive of the stated aims and to address the situation now. The Brights’ Net operation serves as a hub for such constituents to communicate with one another and, if they wish, to work in their varied ways, individually and collectively, to address the social and civic situation. As a first step, all Brights need to properly employ the appellation, “The Brights”. This policy statement attempts to detail the communication essentials.

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