On Speaking Out as Brights

Policy #2:

An individual or group undertaking actions on behalf of the constituency should endeavor to produce material in alignment with what the Brights’ endeavor stands for before attributing any indication of Brights’ provenance to a statement or position or other product.

There will be many occasions where a Bright or cluster of Brights will wish to put forth an article or essay, a position paper on a topic, or perhaps a proclamation or manifesto. Such instances could arise from an individual, a Brights’ Local Constituency, the Brights Forum, a Brights’ MeetUp group, a web site developed by a Bright or Brights, and so forth.

Given the clearly stated aims and principles of the main movement, which is a civic action movement, and not a philosophical or proselytizing movement, it seems reasonable to anticipate that any “communication products” having some ascription (whether by individuals/groups) of “Brights” would be readily seen as in general harmony with these aims and principles.

Individuals or collaborators will doubtless seek to produce material they deem in grand accord with views of other persons who hold naturalistic perspectives. However, it would be presumptuous to say that any product developed by an individual Bright or a group effort of specific participants, no matter how many, would be fully endorsed by the Brights’ constituency.

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Policy As Regards Statements and Publications

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