On Speaking Out as Brights

Policy #1:

Brights should freely speak as Brights but, as they do, they must neither assert nor suggest that their views are representative of other Brights or that they are speaking for the constituency at large.

The Brights Network is not a membership organization. Every Bright has her/his own views under the umbrella of a naturalistic worldview. Brights differ widely on their perspectives, and so on any particular topic, none can claim others’ backing (without such assent being given) or “speak for constituency as a whole”. Even the Co-Directors do not purport to convey their suppositions as those of “The Brights.” (What Co-Directors chiefly do is clarify/explain the nature and intent of the Brights’ movement both within and without the constituency whilst they work to broadly promote the Brights’ endeavor.)

What Brights can and should do is speak for themselves, and it is that course of action which The Brights’ Net is bent on facilitating.

It is appropriate for individuals or groups of Brights to speak out as Brights. In fact, it is central to the endeavor that more and more persons who are Brights convey notions in harmony with the naturalistic worldview and with the broad purposes and principles that motivate The Brights’ Net constituency. This way, their statements will contribute to the advancement of the overall endeavor to gain visibility and influence for brights.

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Policy As Regards Statements and Publications

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