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There are stakeholders in the process of any youngster’s development. Whoever most controls a child's early environment will likely be most influential in directing the developmental course and bringing about desired ends.

Stakeholders can hope to produce a preferred outcome by exposing a youngster to selected experiences and instructing him or her by way of narratives and rituals (along with related plaudits, censure, etc.).

A conformist indoctrination process also may involve parental screening out of alternative worldview narratives and experiences, or at least careful managing of a youngster’s acquaintance with them.

Even a broad-minded approach, one which does not seek to restrict exposure to alternate assumptions or images, will involve instilling certain "interpretations" and offering up "guidelines."

Conveyed as "helpful" (for understanding the universe, living life well, gaining meaning of it all, etc.), the intent is that they frame the child's outlook thenceforth.

As the twig is bent…

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