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Parents or guardians will invest to varying degrees in the transmission to progeny of their own understandings of life and meaning. 
(Some care deeply about their child’s development and attempt to inculcate their own cognitive accounts and traditions with regard to “life understanding.”  Others may devote far less attention to consciously influencing their child’s course.)  

Living within a culture permeated by a dominant religion will have consequence.
In some form and to some degree, the narratives will be influential on worldview development.

Experiences of being brought up within organized religion can vary considerably according to the tradition.
In general, there is careful management of a youngster’s acquaintance with alternative worldview narratives and experiences.

A nation’s own warrant is signaled through the process of education conducted in its government-supported schools.
This warrant ideally is neutral across the varied worldviews, but is likely to be to a degree in accord with culturally dominant influences.

Ideally, the public education programs will concentrate on interpreting the world in secular fashion.
* They accord to authenticated standards of knowledge (with broad inter-subjective validity).
* They mold conduct around common values of civilized society (with a concomitant respect for the individuality of personal conscience).

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